LiveOnAD: flow management, context banners

 LiveOnAd is a solution for information flow management. We enable our clients to distribute their context banners in real-time, in order to target their customers better. Our flow management is done directly through our webmarketing solution. You manage the information flow via the LiveOnAd interface, to display information on all of your partner sites' context banners. Your feeds are automatically updated to always deliver the best real-time informaiton to your customers. For example, an operator can display their promotional offers live, through our information flow system, like the bookmaker will release its latest context banner ratings and updates all of the games, it offers on its website. Our LiveOnAd solution, allows the synchronisation of odds flows and the display of context banners.

About Us

Created in 2008, the LiveOnAd solution is published by the WinDataCo business, specialising in the management of information flows and the hosting of dynamic banners. 

Based on an intelligent processing of data streams, the Research & Development project, is to create innovative, technological components that have high added value for our clients and their users: information flows in real-time, contextualised banners, stats tools. 

  • 10 collaborating experts that have experience in webmarketing and web technology.

  • A single account manager to assist you.

  • Technical assistance that is available 24/7.

  • R&D's work fully customers-focused.

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