Betting Box, real-time odds for your Live Betting banners

Since its beginning, LiveOnAD has been working with some of the top names in the sports betting industry: Sajoo, Eurosportbet, Unibet and more. LOA's experience has allowed the development of key skills in the distribution of betting boxes and live betting banners displaying live odds. Thanks to LOA, sports betting operators can display their real-time advertising banners and offer their players the best betting infromation, right on time, on all of their partner's sites. The updating of real time odds, allows a considerable improvement in terms of click through rate and conversion of your betting box.

Case Study: Sports Betting


With our LiveOnAd solution, our customers operating in the sports betting industry, have the tools to face up to the rigours of a world, that is constantly changing and on the move: 

  • A programming tool used to manage matches and further the banner's content.

  • Our editorial team select the best sporting news and make it automatically available for our client's banners, whose programming has expired. This guarantees a constant updating of the banners.

  • The odds are updated automatically in real-time. The information presented in the banners is an exact depiction of what is displayed on the bookmaker's website.




Some examples of banners, for our clients: 

Betting Box

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