Our clients: Sports betting operators and media sites

As of today, LiveOnAd is used by a number of sports betting operators who rely on our solution to distribute their web advertising campaigns. Among the customers operating in the area of sports betting, LiveOnAd works with the following bookmakers: EuroSportBet, Unibet, Sajoo, Illiad Gaming. LOA is also a solution of choice for the media sites too. Our solution has developed the odds comparison list area for the following sites: L'equipe, Marca, MSN Italy, Calcio Mercato, Sport.gr. Our service also offers itself to these sites, for the hosting of self-promotion banners. The LiveOnAd ad server manages more than a billion impressions per month for media sites and/or betting operators.

Clients: more than a billion impressions/month

ParionsWeb gaming banner
« LiveOnAd is a simple and effective solution, that allowed us to quickly put up our odds banners, on our key websites. With such an easy-to-use interface, we gain valuable time on our marketing campaigns. Moreover, the automatic selection of Top Events means, that we guarantee quality service for our players. » ParionsWeb Team
lequipe banner
The leader of sports information in France, in 2010, LOA was chosen to create an odds comparison service for the Plaeteprono website and to manage their dynamic, promo banners.
Netbet banner
Netbet called LiveOnAd to develop and manage their dynamic banners.
Unibet banner
Since 2011, LiveOnAd has assured the promotion of Unibet's odds, on the Eurosport website. A single template widget, allows Unibet to contextualize the content of its banner(s), on each section of their partner's site.
888 a historic and highly technological operator when it comes to it's offers, they chose LiveOnAd as a dynamic banner solution. Satisfied with the click/conversion ratio, 888 uses LiveOnAd in multiple markets.
Bwin has chosen liveOnAd for the optimisation of it's marketing campaign on lequipe.fr, one of the leaders of sports information in Europe ( Millions of impressions per days ). A noticeable rise of conversion rates has been noticed since the usages of LiveOnAd banners.

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