Dynamic banner contextualising

The LiveOnAd web marketing solution allows you to manage your data flow and the advertising banner's (contextualised) information, with partner sites where you run your dynamic banners. Within minutes, you can set all the banner ads that you'd like in your ad campaigns. With the contextualisation of your banners in real-time, you will be closer to your target market. With LiveOnAd, expand your network of affiliates and partners and make your dynamic banners to present an attractive showcase for your products. In addition, the contextualisation of your dynamic banner is very easy to implement on to our interface.



On the basis of the experience of our users, we have developed user-friendly and efficient features that correspond with the needs of marketing (and business) professionals.


Banner management
Banner management Every banner is based on a model that can be used in multiple locations. Without any time limits, you can edit as many banners as you wish, with a single model that simply changes the information flow.
Dynamic banner
Banner Impressions The banner impressions go directly to your site or via your media platform by integrating your existing affiliate tracking system: An interoperable solution that doesn't change your regular settings.
Banner settings
Programming There is no need to check the interface every day, you can programme the content of your banners as far back in time, as you wish. They will automatically be updated.
Specific redirect You can define different zones of redirection under every banner with specific links, you can redirect your clients to any page of your choice.
Promotional banner
Marketing the promotional banner Every banner model can be replaced, during a period of selection for another model. You still keep the control for all of your advertising, including promotional offers and messages that are specific to your news.
Label Management You can modify the label names that you use, for your banner's consistency and readability.

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