LiveOnAD ad server: Banner hosting

The LiveOnAd ad server can upload, manage and optimise advertisers and media sites', advertising campaigns. Our ad serving solution allows literally anyone to start a campaign in a matter of minutes. LiveOnAd also provides full hosting of your banner. Our ad server allows the display of dynamic advertising material, in spaces on your partners' editorial pages. Our ad server currently manages the displaying of than a billion impressions a month. Hosting the banner, is a powerful tool and is one of the most efficient solutions on the market.



The LiveOnAd platform is a specialised ad server in the push for real-time information, including the following interfaces:


ad server
Feed Management Manage your information centre and make it available for all of your advertising needs.
Banner hosting
Banner Hosting The LiveOnAd server can host all types of banner, without any constraints: Flash and HTML.
ad server
Scheduler The LiveOnAD interface allows you to access your banner library, to schedule and edit content in a single click.

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